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Healthy Shot Protein Beverage Supplement

Health care patients may exhibit poor appetites. Serving a large volume of a thick milky shake between meals or as a snack may create early satiety. This interferes with meal consumption and typically, the drink is not fully consumed. If only half of the supplement is consumed, the patient does not receive it's full benefit. This creates the need for a protein dense, low volume and easily consumed beverage.

Recognizing the many issues and problems with current nutritional beverages, Hormel Health Labs developed HEALTHY SHOT® Protein Beverage Supplement. HEALTHY SHOT® Protein Beverage Supplement is fruit flavored, clear, clean and refreshing. Due to the small serving size and refreshing flavor, it does not create unwanted early satiety. You can still encourage food first and provide patients with 12g or 24g of protein in a single 2.5 fluid ounce serving.

What’s in HEALTHY SHOT® Protein Beverage Supplement? Diet compliance and getting needed nutrients is a challenge for aging patients and those with compromised health. Let HEALTHY SHOT® Protein Beverage Supplement offer a solution with high quality protein and fortified with vitamins A,C,D,E and folic acid. A PDCAAS of 1.0 promotes good health and a positive quality of life for your patients.


  • Long-term care
  • Tube Feedings
  • Acute care
  • Post surgery nutrition
  • Bariatric nutrition
  • Burn Centers
  • Renal Units
  • Diabetes Care
  • Any medical conditions requiring extra protein

Suitable for a variety of diets HEALTHY SHOT® Protein Beverage Supplement is lactose free, gluten free and available in a "no sugar added" variety suitable for diabetic diets. HEALTHY SHOT® Protein Beverage Supplement is a concentrated source of protein and vitamins that can be served anytime of the day with fruity flavor options.

5 Good Reasons to increase protein intake

  • Promote wound healing
  • Increase calorie intake
  • Assist recovery from surgery or infection.
  • Protect muscle mass
  • Manage involuntary weight loss
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