Medical Supply Distribution

Spirit Medical Supplies Distribution Business is an expert in medical supply distribution. With a leadership team with over 20 years of healthcare distribution experience you can trust us with your healthcare product needs.

Since our distribution business started 7 years ago, we’ve provided bulk delivery of medical supply products to healthcare facilities that need them—on time, all the time.

Wholesale distribution of healthcare products is at the heart of what we do —it’s the foundation of our business. We focus our services on the Midwest and take great pride in having a presence in the healthcare distribution profession. We achieve this by putting our customers’ needs first. Our logistics management processes help customers lower costs and reduce complexity while increasing visibility in their own supply chains. And our people work tirelessly to ensure our delivery process is accurate, on time and responsive to specific requirements.

We are continually seeking opportunities to enhance quality, improve efficiency, and effectively manage healthcare product costs.

Contact Us

For questions on our distribution services or to get started with wholesale ordering, please contact customer service at 800-775-0397 or send us an email at

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