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Incontinence Products for Men and Women

In need of discreetly packaged incontinence products? Spirit Medical Supplies offers a wide selection of incontinence supplies at affordable prices for home delivery. Our incontinence products are absorbent, discreet, and comfortable. We carry pads, liners, diapers, and other incontinence care products. You can choose from reusable and disposable products, and we even carry products for bed sanitizing and pet potty training. If you are struggling with incontinence for the first time, you don’t have to do this alone. Read on below to learn more about incontinence levels and the products we suggest for each to keep you comfortable and to keep your incontinence discreet.

Levels of Incontinence

Incontinence affects people of all ages and comes in different levels of severity. Before purchasing incontinence products, always speak with your doctor or nurse about your incontinence level so you know which products are best for your situation. Depending on your incontinence level, you will likely use a combination of absorbent pads or liners, briefs, protective underwear, and booster pads to provide the protection you need.

Light Bladder Leakage

Light bladder leakage requires the least amount of absorbent material, but this doesn’t mean the quality of the material is lower. The high-quality absorbent materials we carry help to prevent odor, keep your skin from becoming irritated, and lock away moisture to prevent leaks. We’ll provide you with the protection and comfort you need, even at a low level of urinary leakage.

Pads and Liners for Light Bladder Leakage

Pads and liners provide the most discreet incontinence care of any of our products. The pads can be placed in the top of the undergarment and cover both the front and back portions of the underwear, providing protection against urinary leaks for both women and men.

Women's light panty liners and pads:

  • Poise Liners: Small and thin, they perform the same as a thicker pad, giving you confidence and comfort
  • Prevail Pantyliner: Includes the easy-wrap individual cover, which peels directly off the adhesive strip. The thin design offers discreet, convenient protection.
  • Attends Bladder Control Pads: Somewhat resembling maxi-pads, these items are individually wrapped and make it convenient to stick in a bag or purse while out of the home.
  • Tena Light Bladder Control Pads: Soft and flexible, these also have side channels to direct moisture.
  • Dynarex Panty Liners: For the highest amount of pads for your dollar, these will keep you within your budget.

Men's light undergarment pads and guards:

  • Male Guard Dignity Thinserts Liners: Thin and lightweight, the pads hold and wick away moisture even under pressure.
  • Briefmates Guards: Easy to handle and attach to your own underwear or boxers.
  • Tena Pads for Men: These have advanced absorbent protection and can absorb up to 18 times their own weight despite being light pads.
  • Handicare Garment Liner: It comes with a reusable cotton pant that unbuttons for easy application of the pant liner.

Moderate Bladder Leakage

We have a wider range of leak protection products for individuals who experience moderate incontinence. Pads and liners are always an option, but diapers and briefs may also be necessary to provide the additional protection you need.

Moderate Bladder Leakage Protection Products

Pads and liners are slightly thicker than the lighter variety, yet these absorbent pads still maintain a discreet look, depending on the brand selected. Again, these are the most discreet products. Briefs and Underwear are the next level above pads that allows added protection and to prevent urine overflow. Below are a few selections for both male and female.

Women's moderate absorbency pads, briefs, and liners:

  • Depend Underwear for Women: Designed just like regular underwear, this underwear is easy to pull on and off.
  • Depend Silhouette Women's Briefs: They’re made of cotton-like fabric and hide perfectly under clothes. Comes with a feminine waistband for a secure fit.
  • Attends Bladder Control Pads for Women: Like their light absorbency counterpart, they also have the size and shape of a maxi-pad for easy carry and concealment.
  • Sure Care Moderate Bladder Control Pad: They contain super-absorbent polymers to ensure dryness and feature cloth-like facing for extra softness.

Men's moderate absorbency pads, briefs, and liners:

  • Prevail Boxers for Men: These are incontinence underwear for men designed with a discreet boxer style that is more comfortable for men who are accustomed to wearing boxers rather than briefs.
  • Attends Regular Absorbency Underwear: Minimal design that can pass for unisex, this absorbent underwear is meant to be an efficient pull-up that can eliminate odor, allow airflow, and imitate regular cloth underwear.

Heavy Bladder Leakage

Maintaining dryness is the main factor to consider if you experience heavy bladder leakage. You will likely need multiple products to keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. We have a large range of products for you or your caregiver to choose from to make your daily incontinence easier to deal with.

Heavy Bladder Leakage Protection Products

Products designed for maximum urinary absorbency are ideal for individuals who have little-to-no bladder control or cannot get to a restroom due to a disability. These urinary incontinence products are ideal for both overnight and daytime use; choose the combination of products that works best for you and your situation.

Heavy absorbency pads, briefs, and liners for women

  • Prevail Stretchfit Briefs: They stretch for a comfortable fit.
  • Tena Protective Underwear Super Plus Absorbency: The dry-fast core contains absorbent microbeads that trap and hold the moisture in place.
  • Depend Adjustable Underwear: These come with four side tabs for discreet open changing. Perforated sides neatly tear open, providing easy changing.
  • Depend Silhouette Women's Briefs: A feminine look with a waistband and a panty-like fit, this is a combination of function and form.

Heavy absorbency briefs, pads, and liners for men

  • Depend Real Fit Briefs for Men: Constructed with cotton-like fabric, Depend Real Fit Briefs give you underwear-like comfort throughout the day and are soft against the skin.
  • Depend Flex Fit Briefs for Men: Includes flex fit protection, which flexes with the legs to accommodate an active lifestyle.