Lubricants and Lube Jelly

Personal Lubricant and Lube Jelly.

There are two types of lubricant sold at personal lubricant and medical lubricant.

Personal lubricant can be used with a penis pump as a sealing gel or to combat vaginal dryness. Use personal lubricants to create a better seal between the cylinder of a penis pump and the body.

Medical lubricants are intended for use with a catheter or feeding tube. All lubricants provided by are safe and reliable for Home Care or Clinical Use when used as directed by the manufacturer or physician.

We carry top brands such as Osbon and KY Jelly. View our selection of personal lubricants below.

Lubricating Jelly is a versatile skin care and orifice protection ointment. offers a wide selection of surgical lubricant and lubricating jelly that can relieve chafing, chapping and cracking skin.

Medical-grade petroleum jelly is also offered. It moisturizes, protects and can aid with catheter insertion.

Lubricating Jelly Features and Benefits:

  • Protects the Skin
  • Relieves Chafing, Chapping, and Cracking Skin
  • Seals Skin from Drying Effects of Wind & Weather
  • Enables Skin-Softening Moisture to Build Naturally
  • Medical Lubricant for Catheters and Exam Gloves
  • Surgical Lubricant for Medical Instruments
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